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Delegate Access: Let someone else mind your busyness

Three calendars, Calendar, Soccer Schedule, Vacation Schedule in Personal Folders

You don't have to share everything with a delegate. When you create separate calendars for private or personal appointments, you can view these appointments side-by-side with your own calendar. These calendars are not shared with your delegate.
Callout 1 Main calendar (this is the calendar that's shared with your delegate).
Callout 2 A separate calendar within your main calendar for your private appointments. Your delegate can't see this.
Callout 3 A calendar stored locally, on your own computer. Your delegate can't see this either.

Giving someone delegate access to your calendar doesn't mean that you have to share everything. If you've taken the course "See and share multiple calendars," you already know that you can keep selected appointments separate from your main calendar, but visible to you, by putting them in a subfolder of your calendar or in a Personal Folders file on your own computer.

If that's your preference, you may want to see your meeting messages, so that you can manage selected matters yourself. In that case, you shouldn't select the Send meeting requests and responses only to my delegates, not to me check box mentioned in the previous section. Remember that your delegate will see all messages about meetings, so you'll want to be careful how those are written.

Important     When you decide whether to store an item in a subfolder or a personal folder, keep in mind that certain features work only for items stored in the main Calendar folder:

  • Meeting updates or cancellations
  • Reminders

You cannot use either of these features for any meeting or appointment stored in a subfolder or personal folder. However, you can have items stored that way and still use these features with items in the main Calendar folder.

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