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Use electronic business cards in Outlook 2010

Outlook 2010
Learn how to create and use electronic business cards in Outlook 2010. The cards make it easier to share your contact information with others, and they make it faster and more accurate to save contact data.

About this course

This course includes:

  • One self-paced lesson.
  • One practice session for hands-on experience. The practice requires Outlook 2010.
  • A short test at the end of the lesson. The test is not scored.
  • A Quick Reference Card you can print at the end of the course.


After completing this course you will be able to:

  • Create a contact for yourself, the basis of all electronic business cards in Outlook
  • Edit the data in the card
  • Format the data in a card
  • Use an image in a card.
  • Include the card in an e-mail message.
  • Use a card as your e-mail signature.
  • Save a card to your list of contacts.
  • Download and use a template to create a card.

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