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Delegate Access: Let someone else mind your busyness

An overview of the steps to add another mailbox to an e-mail profile, with the result

Craig is adding Luca's mailbox to Craig's e-mail account by modifying the account settings. Here are the beginning of the process, the middle, and the result.
Callout 1 Craig clicks E-mail accounts on the Tools menu.
Callout 2 Craig adds the mailbox.
Callout 3 What Craig sees when he's done.

Here's where you'll need a bit of motivation, because viewing a shared mailbox alongside your own is a little complicated. Only a little, though, and once you view the mailbox this way, it will stay visible until you decide to remove it.

In order to show a shared mailbox next to yours, you would add that mailbox to your own Outlook profile. You would start this process by modifying your e-mail account as shown in the picture. We'll provide detailed steps in the practice, which is coming up next, and in the Quick Reference Card at the end of this course.

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