Online spreadsheet creation with Excel Online

Use Excel Online to create an online Excel spreadsheet that you can work on from anywhere and easily share with others. If you have a Microsoft account like Xbox Live or Hotmail, you can start right now by signing in to OneDrive and giving the spreadsheet a name.

Excel Online has the features you need for basic spreadsheet tasks like managing a budget, maintaining a roster, or keeping track of statistics. Use it the same way you use Excel: enter data, calculate with formulas and functions, analyze information by sorting and filtering it, and make your information visual with charts.

Excel Online saves your work automatically (in fact, there’s no Save command). If you change your mind about something, use Ctrlz+Z to undo.

If you’re doing the kind of data analysis that requires more sophisticated tools like creating PivotTables or sparklines, using data validation, or connecting to an external data source, you have to open the spreadsheet in Excel on your computer. In Excel Online, click File > Open in Excel. When you save the spreadsheet in Excel, it’s saved where you created it, in your OneDrive.

Work with others online

With your spreadsheet in OneDrive, you can work on it with others. Send them a link, and they can update the spreadsheet in their browser. If you’re in the file at the same time, you’ll see each other’s presence.

Multi-author editing

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Applies to:
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