Freeze or lock panes

Freeze or lock panes

You want to scroll down and see your rows of data, but when you get to the bottom of the screen, your column names in the top row have disappeared. To fix this, you freeze the top row so that it's always visible. Good news – the command is easy to get to. Click View > Freeze Panes > Freeze Top Row.

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Freeze or lock panes (1:23)
You want the header row to remain visible when you scroll, to show what’s in each column. To do this, click Click View > Freeze Panes > Freeze Top Row. If, instead, you want column A to always remain visible, click View > Freeze Panes > Freeze First Column. To unfreeze the panes, click Freeze Panes > Unfreeze Panes.

Freeze panes in detail (4:00)
In this video, we’ll cover freeze panes in detail, including freezing the top row and left column at the same time, multiple rows and columns, and printing the header on every page.

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