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Excel 2010 keyboard shortcuts I: CTRL key shortcuts

Use the keyboard in the 2007 Office system
Learn Excel 2010 keyboard shortcuts. Specifically, learn how to use CTRL key shortcuts that let you do everything from selecting and editing cells, to inserting items and formatting.

About this course

This course includes seven videos:

  • Introduction (0:52)
  • Basic keyboard shortcuts (2:32)
  • Keyboard shortcuts for formulas (5:35)
  • Keyboard shortcuts for moving around workbooks (2:24)
  • Keyboard shortcuts for selecting (4:05)
  • Keyboard shortcuts for adding and inserting (4:13)
  • Keyboard shortcuts for formatting (2:32)

There is also a Quick Reference Card you can print at the end of the course.


After completing this course you will be able to:

  • Use keyboard shortcuts for basic tasks like opening files, creating new files, saving, and undoing your work.
  • Use keyboard shortcuts to create formulas.
  • Use keyboard shortcuts to move around a spreadsheet.
  • Use keyboard shortcuts to select cells, rows, and columns.
  • Use keyboard shortcuts to add cells, columns, and rows.
  • Use keyboard shortcuts to format cells.

Before you begin

Complete the course Get to know Excel 2010: Create your first spreadsheet, or make sure you know how to create formulas, insert rows and columns, and how to apply basic formatting to cells.

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