Examples of commonly used formulas

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This article provides links to topics that show you detailed examples of the various types of formulas that you can create in Excel.

Type of Formula Example


Create conditional formulas

Check if a number is greater than or less than another number
Display or hide zero values
Hide error values and error indicators in a cell


Look up values in a range

Date and Time

Add dates

Add times
Calculate the difference between two dates
Calculate the difference between two times
Count days before a date
Show dates as the day of the week
Insert the current date and time in a cell
Insert Julian dates


Calculate a running balance

Calculate a compound annual growth rate (CAGR)


Calculate the average of numbers

Calculate the median of a group of numbers
Calculate the mode of a group of numbers


Add numbers

Subtract numbers
Multiply numbers
Divide numbers
Calculate percentages
Round a number
Raise a number to a power
Calculate the smallest or largest number in a range
Calculate the factorial of a number
Create a multiplication table


Count cells that contain numbers

Count nonblank cells
Count how often a value occurs
Count occurrences of values or unique values in a data range
Count numbers greater than or less than a number
Calculate a running total
Count all of the cells in a range
Count the number of words in a cell or range


Convert times

Convert dates stored as text to dates
Convert numbers stored as text to numbers
Convert measurements
Convert numbers to different number systems
Convert Arabic to Roman numerals


Change the case of text

Check if a cell contains text
Compare cell contents
Combine text and numbers
Combine text with a date or time
Combine first and last names
Combine two or more columns by using a function
Repeat a character in a cell
Display only the last four digits of identification numbers
Remove spaces from the beginning and end of a cell
Remove characters from text
Insert the current Excel file name in a cell
Split names by using Convert Text to Columns
Split text among columns by using functions

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