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Compatibility Checker

Try Office 2010 In Excel 2010, you can more easily run the compatibility checker to verify that your workbook is compatible with Excel 97-2003 and Excel 2007.
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Use these options to examine, locate, and find solutions for the compatibility issues between Microsoft Office Excel 2007 and earlier versions of Excel that were found in your workbook. Compatibility issues can cause a significant loss of functionality or a minor loss of fidelity.

Summary    In this box, the Compatibility Checker lists all of the compatibility issues it found, such as new or improved features or functionality that you used in an Office Excel 2007 workbook that are not supported in an earlier version of Excel. The box also lists the number of times that an issue occurs in the workbook. You can click Find to locate the issues. If available, you can click Fix to resolve simple issues. To help resolve more complex issues, click Help for more information.

Check compatibility when saving this workbook    Select this check box if you want to check your workbook for compatibility issues every time you save it. This check box is selected by default when you work in Office Excel 2007 Compatibility Mode.

Copy to New Sheet     Click this button to copy a report that contains all of the issues that were found (including their location in the workbook) to a separate worksheet.