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Customize your presence information

Communicator provides a full set of personal presence attributes that you can make available to other contacts to help them get in touch with you. Presence attributes include information about you, such as your work phone, mobile phone, and home phone, along with additional information, such as your work schedule and personal notes. When you first start using Communicator, it is generally best to customize and publish your presence information, and then set access levels for your contacts to control the type and amount of presence information that they see. In this way, you can make presence information, such as your home or mobile phone numbers, available to your closest contacts, but not available to everyone in your company.

Customize and publish your presence information

Your presence information includes a diverse set of attributes that describe your availability, activity, contact information, schedule, location, and notes, both Personal and Out of Office. The table below provides a full list of Communicator presence attributes that others can potentially see. The left side of the table shows the Presence information attributes, while the right side of the table shows whether the attribute is available for a given Access Level.

Presence Information Block Public Company Team Personal
Offline Presence X
Presence X X X X
Capabilities X X X
Display Name X X X X X
Email Address X X X X X
Title * X X X X
Work Phone * X X X
Mobile Phone * X X
Home Phone * X
Other Phone X
Company X X X X
Office * X X X
Work Address * X X X
Sharepoint Site X X X
Meeting Location X
Meeting Subject X
Free Busy X X X
Working Hours X X X
Endpoint Location X X
Notes (Out of Office Note) X X X
Notes (Personal) X X X
Last Active X X X

 Note   * These attributes are visible to contacts inside your company with Block and Public access levels if the attributes are displayed by Active Directory. These attributes are not visible to contacts outside your company with Block and Public access levels.

Most of your presence information is automatically supplied to Communicator by Office Communications Server, so you do not need to supply much additional information. However, there are a few presence attributes, most importantly your alternate phone numbers, which are not automatically supplied to Communicator that you may want to make available to others.

To add and publish alternate phone numbers

As a best practice, you should add alternate phone numbers, such as your Mobile number, to your Presence information.

  1. In the Office Communicator window, in the Title bar, click the Menu button, and then click Tools.
  2. Click Options, and then click the Phones tab.
  3. Click the button for the phone number you want to add.
  4. In the Phone number text box, enter the number you want to add and then click OK. Use the International Phone Number format. Enter the country code, followed by the local phone number. For example, for a United States number: 15555555555. Phone numbers should contain only the digits 0123456789. Communicator removes parentheses and additional characters. Do not include the international dialing prefix. For example, (011) in the United States and (00) in Europe. See the Communicator online Help for examples.
  5. To make the number available as part of your presence information, click the Publish this phone number check box next to the phone number.
  6. To accept your changes, in the Options dialog box, click OK.

Remember that once you publish your phone numbers, it is important to set Access Levels for your contacts to control who has access to those numbers. For example, if you publish your mobile phone number but do not grant a Personal or Team Access Level to a contact that you want to have access to your number, that contact will not be able to see your mobile phone number.

For more information about additional presence attributes that you can set, see the Presence Survival Guide topic.

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