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Add information to a contact by using the All Fields page

ArticleThere are many additional fields that you can use to track information about your contacts. You can also create a custom contact fields.

Add or remove a reminder for an email message or contact

ArticleReminders can be added to messages and contacts not only for yourself, but for email message recipients.

Add or remove an address book

ArticleYou can change the collection of address books or address lists that make up the Outlook Address Book.

Add people to the Address Book

ArticleMake your contacts part of the Address Book.

Add, change, or remove a picture for a contact

ArticleContact photos appear in contacts, Electronic Business Cards, and in the Reading Pane for message senders.

Change offline address book details for Microsoft Exchange Server email accounts

ArticleChoose which information from the Exchange Server Global Address List is downloaded and available for offline use in Outlook 2010.

Create and edit a Contact Group (formerly distribution lists)

ArticleContact Groups, formerly called distribution lists, are a fast way to send a message to multiple e-mail recipients, especially groups you repeatedly contact.

Create and share contacts as Electronic Business Cards

ArticleProvide an electronic version of a business card to friends and colleagues or include it with each e-mail message.

Create or add a contact

ArticleOrganize and keep track of people and organizations with Outlook contacts.

Display the Contacts list in last name, first name format

ArticleSort your Contacts list by the last names of your contacts.

Export your contacts from Outlook and use them in Google Gmail

ArticleContacts can be exchanged between Outlook and Google Gmail to save time and avoid manually re-entering your contacts.

Find a contact

ArticleThere are multiple ways to locate an Outlook 2010 contact, including searches, and using table and card views.

Import Google Gmail contacts into Outlook

ArticleContacts can be exchanged between Outlook and Google Gmail to save time and avoid manually re-entering your contacts.

Introduction to the Outlook Social Connector

ArticleKeep up to date on social network activities and updates from your colleagues, without leaving Outlook.

Open another person's Exchange Contacts

ArticleOpen the contacts folder of a colleague who uses an Exchange account.

Print Contacts

ArticlePrint one or a collection of Outlook 2010 contacts in a variety of customizable styles including as contact cards or phone lists.

Resolve or delete duplicate contacts

ArticleLearn how Outlook 2010 helps to prevent duplicate contacts and how to remove any duplicates that occur.

Share a contacts folder with others

ArticleGrant permission to other people in your organization to view, modify, or add contacts that you have saved in Outlook with a Microsoft Exchange Server account.

Track actions in the Journal

ArticleKeep a timeline record for activities relating to your Outlook contacts.

Transfer contacts between Outlook and Google Gmail

ArticleContacts can be exchanged between Outlook and Google Gmail to save time and avoid manually re-entering your contacts.

Use Outlook contacts as a data source for a mail merge

ArticleStart with Word 2010 and use your Outlook contacts as the data source for mass mailings.

Work with Microsoft SharePoint contacts

ArticleMicrosoft SharePoint contacts can be viewed and changed in Outlook. Changes are automatically synchronized back to the SharePoint site.

Video: Automatically add suggested contacts in Outlook 2010

LinkInstructional video to demonstrate adding Suggested Contacts to Outlook contacts list automatically in Outlook 2010.

Create additional contacts from the same company

ArticleReduce time and effort when adding multiple contacts from the same company that shares the same basic contact information among its members.

Export contacts

ArticleExport Outlook 2010 contacts to a file so that you can import them to Outlook on another computer or make a backup.

Include my Contacts as safe senders

ArticleAdd your Outlook contacts to the as Junk Email Filter Safe Senders list.

Automatically add contacts for everyone that you send an email message

ArticleSuggested Contacts automatically keeps track of everyone you send a message to, but isn’t in your Outlook 2010 contacts.

Import contacts

ArticleContacts can be imported into Outlook from other applications or from exported Outlook contacts. These instructions assume that you have already exported the co...

Add a birthday or anniversary for a contact

ArticleKeep track of birthdays and anniversaries by adding the dates to your Outlook 2010 contacts.

Use electronic business cards in Outlook 2010

TrainingLearn how to create electronic business cards. This course shows you how to edit and format them, and use downloadable card templates.

Microsoft Office Outlook 2010 QuickSteps

ArticleChapter excerpts from the Office 2010 book: Microsoft Office Outlook 2010 QuickSteps, which is an illustrated, procedure-based reference for Outlook 2010. These...

What happened to distribution lists in Outlook 2010?

ArticleContact Groups replace distribution lists in Outlook 2010.

Update the company address or phone number for multiple contacts

ArticleUpdate multiple contacts with new company address or phone number information.

Create new items when Outlook is minimized or not running

ArticleUse Jump Lists in Windows 7 to create new messages, appointments, meetings, contacts, and tasks when Outlook is minimized to the taskbar or not running.

Display an additional Contact Index

ArticleAdd an additional Contact Index so that you can choose from characters in more than one language.