Create a template
Məqalə To create a template, you can start with a document you already created, one you downloaded, or a brand new one.
Word 2013
Add a trend or moving average line to a chart
Məqalə Show averages (like moving or weighted averages) and trends in your chart (graph) by inserting a trendline.
Word 2013, Excel 2013...
Create a table of contents
Məqalə Add a table of contents, or TOC, that's automatically generated.
Word 2013
Insert a table
Məqalə Add a table to a Word 2013 document, including using the table grid, and finer control with the Insert Table dialog or drawing the table with complex rows and c...
Word 2013
Remove tracked changes and comments
Məqalə Learn how to permanently remove the Track Changes markup and comments from your document.
Word 2013
Print multiple copies of a document
Məqalə If you don’t choose a certain number of copies to print, Word automatically prints one copy. But you can change that to almost any number you’d like.
Word 2013
Use Word 2013 to open documents created in earlier versions of Word
Məqalə When you open a document created in an earlier version of Word, Compatibility Mode makes sure none of the new features in Word 2013 are available, so anyone usi...
Word 2013
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