Start using your app for Office

The best way to fire up one of your apps for Office depends on which application you’re using (Word, Excel, etc...).

Start an app for Word, Excel, PowerPoint, or Project

  1. If you’re using Word, Excel, or PowerPoint, click Insert > My Apps.

My Apps button
If you’re using Project, click Project > Apps for Office.
Apps for Office button

 Note    If one of your apps doesn’t show up in the list, click Refresh.

Apps for Office Refresh button

  1. Double-click the app you want to use.

Start a dictionary app in Word

Right-click a word and then click Define.

Image of rightclick menu showing the Define command

Start an app for Outlook

  1. Open an email message where your app is active.

For example, when you open an email message that has a street address, the Bing Maps app automatically appears in a gray bar near the top of the message.

Outlook message showing Bing Maps app

  1. Click the app name in the bar below the message header to open it.
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